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souls album launch

Album launches have become something of a standard affair.

Not for Sony's launch of Souls: Release.

This finely sampled collection of Southern American
Prohibition-Era voices is put to modern beats to create an immersive and heady album.
In an abandoned house in Peckham, London, Mix & Muddle created a bespoke selection of cocktails to compliment an experiential show. 

Invited industry guests were given wireless headphones on arrival,
along with one of our bespoke cocktails,

and were then taken on a journey that explored tracks from the album.

Each track was synced to lighting, dance performances and pyrotechnics to create a truly unique album launch.

More cocktail flowed following the show...

the cocktail in the middle...

the southern unknowns


40ml Plantation 3 Stars Rum

20ml Buttermilk

20ml Peach Puree

12.5ml Maple Syrup

15ml Egg White

Served in an old-fashioned glass

Garnished with dried Hop flowers