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The Dots 2.0 Launch


To celebrate the launch of creative networking website The Dots,

Mix & Muddle was tasked to immerse their guests in a creative cocktail extravaganza.

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Beetroot cocktail

The Dots draw their name from the expression to 'Connect the dots'.

Using 'connection' as our inspiration, we created a menu based on different types of creative professionals:

The Makers, The Dreamers, The Fixers and The Doers.

Connect the Dreamers cocktail


40ml Element 29 British Vodka

20ml Punt e Mes

50ml White Grape & Peach Juice

10ml Lemon Juice

10ml Agave Nectar


Served in a Coupe

Garnished with dried Levender stem attached with a mini peg

It's a beautiful Spring morning. The fields are flush with life. You lie gazing up at the clouds, dreaming of a bright future, and drawing inspiration from this fresh, herbal and light Martini serve.

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