Beyond The Bar

Rebel Book Club

Rebel Book Club is not your average book club.


Now into it's 6th successful year, and with 1000 members,

Mix & Muddle is tasked to deliver a bespoke cocktail every single month for their member meet ups.


Rebel Book Club focusses all it's attention on non-fiction.

A world of self-improvements, mindful living, and tech trends
that are changing the way we live.

It's a book club for forward thinkers, and conscientious explorers.

A combination of traits we pride ourselves on too...

Happy New Year cocktal

inspired by Blockchain Revolutiuon

by Don & Alex Tapscott

40ml Blackwoods Vodka

35ml Rhubarb Juice
15ml Coconut Syrup
2 dashes Grapefruit Bitters
Peter Spanton Chocolate Tonic


Served in an Mix & Muddle Cup

Garnished with a Desiccated Coconut

Note: I believe that cocktails, like food is starting to go down, will decentralize themselves from retrospective formulas of classic recipes, and instead focus on cellebrating pure ingredients.

Shrapnel in the Surf.jpeg