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Jack Daniels on Tap truck


Jack Daniels is part of a fast adapting landscape within 
big spirit brands.
We received a brief to
inject some excitement and consistency into it's most popular serve; Jack Daniels & Coke.

Jack Daniels & Coke on tap
Jack Daniel's & Coke celebration

No matter where you go, the quality of a 'JD & Coke' varies vastly.

Whether it be the ice, JD to Coke ratio, carbonation level, you'll rarely be given Jack Daniel's definition of a 'perfect serve'.

So we decided to develop a method whereby you'd get the perfect
Jack Daniels & Coke, everytime.
Jack & Coke on Tap. 

Jack Daniel's On Tap team

We developed the perfect recipe, then added it to a KeyKeg system to carbonate to the desired 'fizziness'.
We then branded up a beer tap with out signature 'Jack on Tap' design, and fitted it into a branded Chevy truck to tour the streets London.

The reception was fascinating, as this was the first time Jack Daniel's & Coke has been put on tap ever in the UK.

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