Brand & band collaborations are the ongoing trend.
It engages new audiences to your brand, and provides a hype.
That's exactly what Casio owned G-Shock thought...
We received this brief and screamed like excited school children!

To launch this incredible collaboration, we were briefed to design x2 cocktails that complimented and heightened the evening.

We obliged...

gALAXY m101
inspired by G-Shock x Gorillaz

video series...


40ml Pink Pepper Gin

15ml Honey & Eucalyptus Cordial

25ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

10ml Lime Juice

25ml Soda Water


Served in an Mix & Muddle Cup

Garnished with a Galaxy M101 rice paper garnish

Note: Thanks to the legends at Audemus Spirits for providing the Pink Pepper Gin!