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beyond Archipelago

Mix & Muddle received another brief from their friends at Fixers
Setting up and operating a fully functional

cocktail bar in the middle of the Swedish Archipelago islands.
Beyond Archipelago is a DIY adventure festival
consisting of 3 days of music, kayaking, yoga, and bespoke cocktails...

of course.
Life's too short for ordinary holidays.

After the success of Beyond Sahara,
we were asked to carry out a similar vision on a remote
Swedish island in the middle of 24,000 islands and inlets 
off the coast of Sweden.

After an unguided 6 hour kayaking adventure from the mainland,

guests were greeted with pine infused Daiquiris,
berry filled alcho-smoothies, and the infamous and deadly 
Scandi Shot...

Pining for the Island

40ml Pine infused Plantation 3 Stars Rum
10ml Carlshamms Swedish Punsch
5ml Amaro Montenegro

25ml Lemon Juice

10ml Raspberry Syrup

Served in a biodegradable wine tumbler

Garnished with grated Nutmeg

The set up was cruel, but stunning.
We landed at the island on a Dunkirk style landing craft,

then comandeered a small and rustic shack as our 'pub'.

Equiped with a gas fridge, stove, and upturned beds as our bar,

'The Frog Shack' was born...