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Beyond The Bar

Routes to the roots

London Cocktail Week draws quite a crowd nowadays.
Brands try and use this opportunity to connect with consumers

in unique and creative ways.

Jagermeister tasked Mix & Muddle with exploring how to use

Jager in high-end cocktails.

Routes to the Roots was born.

Routes to the Roots

Focussing on Jager's heritage, we curated a bespoke cocktail menu

to showcase the many routes Jagermeister has taken to become the 

global brand they are today.

From it's vinegar factory roots,

through the JagerBomb era,

and arriving at the innovative household brand it is today.

Vinegar to Krautlikor

From Vinegar to Krautlikor

35ml Plantation 3 Stars Rum

20ml Jagermeister

15ml Ruby Port

7.5ml Balsamic Vinegar

15ml Lime Juice

10ml Honey Syrup

Served in a punch glass

Garnished with micro basil

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