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Beyond The Bar

beyond sahara

Mix & Muddle was tasked with setting up and operating a fully functional
cocktail bar in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
Beyond Sahara is an annual festival run by Easol
accommodating 200 guests for 3 days of music, adventure, and bespoke cocktails.


Life's too short for ordinary holidays.

For us, this was right up our street.

Cocktails enhance any experience, and when put into a setting like the Sahara,

they make taste an iconic part of that lasting memory.

And when you get a Mix & Muddle barmen serving it to you, the interaction is just as important.

A punch in the desert

40ml Ras El Hanout infused Bacardi Blanco

20ml Apricot Liqueur

15ml Orgeat Almond Syrup

20ml Lemon Juice

Tonic Water

Served in a high-ball

Garnished with dried Apricots and a sprig of Rosemary

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